24.IARU Reg.1.ARDF Championships HUNGARY 2024

Terrain and maps

1. Terrain conditions - weather - extraordinary cases


The terrain has continuous forest of varying density, interwoven by a dense network of paths of varying quality. The terrain is hilly with lots of stones and rocks, low scrub and occasional wet areas. There are no restrictions on the type of footwear or clothing. However, covering elbows and knees is highly recommended.


In Pécs, the average monthly average temperature over many years is 32 °C. The second warmest month after Julius. The average monthly rainfall is only 65 mm. August is an extremely dry month with occasional violent storms. UV radiation is very high throughout the month.

Note on Thunderstorm:

In a case of a severe thunderstorm, the Chairman of the Jury may recall the competition (27.5 of the Rules)—in such case, it will be announced to competitors by switching off all the transmitters with an exception of the beacon and TX No. 1 (MOE, not necessarily the one placed in terrain) which both remain operating continuously. The competitors shall set for the finish immediately.

Insurance and Medical Care:

First aid facility will be available at the finish areas for all competitions. No cost to the participant applies for on-site minor treatment; however, the cost for ambulance transportation, emergency department visits, and clinic visits will be the participant’s responsibility. Thus, we recommend you to purchase an insurance covering such expenses.

2. Maps:


térkép 2

térkép 3