24.IARU Reg.1.ARDF Championships HUNGARY —> 09.08.2024 – 14.08.2024

Competition program


    IARU R1  ARDF Championship:

   09.08.2024 – Arrival, model training for Classics, and sprint, Opening  ceremony

   10.08.2024 – FOXORING, Awarding Ceremony

   11.08.2024 – 1st CLASSIC, Awarding Ceremony

   12.08.2024 – 2nd CLASSIC, Awarding Ceremony,

   13.08.2024 – SPRINT, Awarding Ceremony, HAMFEST

   14.08.2024 – Departure       


1st Individual Open ARDF Championships:

There will be another option to participate on the courses of the main event in the frame of the 1st Individual Open ARDF Championships after the IARU R1 competitions. 

This event will take place parallel with the IARU R1 ARDF championships.

We offer this opportunity for those from Region 1, who don’t have the chance to qualify for their national team, or just want to participate, as well as for anyone from Region 2 and 3.  

The participants of the Individual Open ARDF Championsips will start after the main competition, with the compliance of the rules.

Training camp:

04.08.2024 – Arrival, Registration

05.08.2024 – CLASSIC

06.08.2024 – SPRINT

07.08.2024 – CLASSIC

08.08.2024 – FOXORING